Saturday, September 20, 2008

Luckless in Lambeau?

This Sunday, the Packers will host the Cowboys at Lambeau Field for just the sixth time in the history of the two clubs. At Lambeau, the Cowboys have never tasted success. Our record against the Packers has been great when we play them at Texas Stadium and we have had wins against them at Milwaukee (where the Cheeseheads have occasionally played some home games).

In the five previous meetings at Lambeau, here’s how things turned out:

Nov. 13, 1960 – Cowboys 8, Packers 41

Dec. 31, 1967 – Cowboys 17, Packers 21 (the Ice Bowl)

Oct. 8, 1989 – Cowboys 13, Packers 31

Nov. 23, 1997 – Cowboys 17 – Packers 45

Oct. 24, 2004 – Cowboys 20, Packers 41

As you can see, the Boys have been pretty luckless in Lambeau so far. Will Sunday be different? I think so. It seems as if last season and this one have both been seasons of “firsts” and “lasts” for the Cowboys and our young leader, Mr. Romo. Personally, I think the key to victory in Green Bay this Sunday will be the arm of our young Wisconsin native. Perhaps it will take a young man who grew up in Burlington, Wisconsin to break the jinx of Titletown, U.S.A. and warm up the “Frozen Tundra” for a first Cowboy victory. So – no pressure Tony – but we’re countin’ on ya.

The Packers don’t have Brett Favre anymore. We all know that. To paraphrase the Packers management, “The Favre Train has left the building.” He now plays for the New York Bretts, leaving the reigns of the Packer season in the hands of Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers has looked good thus far, but the season is early, and the Packers haven’t played a team with the kind of talent the Cowboys have.

Also, Rodgers did look good when he replaced Favre last year against the Cowboys at Texas Stadium – just not good enough. Many in the media are singing the praises of the new Packer starting QB – calling Lambeau field “Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood.” However, like Bill Parcells once said, “Let’s put away the anointing oil.” It’s early. Romo may have something to say about who the real sheriff in town is.

Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood? I don’t think so. Perhaps we, as Cowboy fans should sing the song together and add a new twist. Hopefully, you are old enough to remember the original show on PBS. If not, here’s how it goes with a final change to the ending:

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…

A beautiful day in the neighborhood…

Won’t you be my…

Won’t you be my…


Fair warning to our dear “neighbors” in the north - you’re going down. Go ahead and nail up the sign “Cowboys Owned” over the Lambeau label. The “Favre Train” has left the station and the current “Rodgers Trolley” just doesn’t have the “umpf” to pull the hill.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Few Minutes As An Eagles Fan

I admit that with a background in Biblical studies, theology, and philosophy I am not your typical sportswriter by any means. Sometimes my blogs are a bit “over the top” when I apply Biblical analogies to the Cowboys and events surrounding them. I have been a fan of the Cowboys since 1972 and get these crazy ideas and start writing until I gush with praise over their success (or I think Armageddon is just around the corner when they fail). That’s just the way I think in my own little world inside my head and I share it with others in the hope that they might find it entertaining as well. Do I really think God has a favorite team? Not really. I think God loves all people, without regard to their skin color or the uniform they wear.

So, today, I have decided to try something different in this blog. I am going to try to lay aside any bias or prejudice I may have. For a few minutes, I’m going to pretend to be a fan of another NFL team and ruminate on our glorious history. Now lets see which one I should pick…

The Buffalo Bills…with four straight Superbowl losses…Nah.

The N.Y. Giants…No. Although, my hat is off to them for last year’s success, I’m still too bitter.

The Redskins…NO! I can’t commit blasphemy even if it is just pretend.

I know…the Eagles!!! Since we play them this Monday, they’re perfect.

Now lets think back over the grand and glorious history of the Philadelphia Eagles…

We have gone to the Superbowl eight times and won five Lombardi Trophies…No. Wait. That was that other team we hate so much. We, the Eagles, have gone to the Superbowl…um…just once. It was 1980 and we made history by being the first team ever to lose to a wildcard team (the Oakland Raiders).

Remember when the Bills went to four straight Superbowls and lost all four? Each loss was to a team from the NFC East; once to the Giants, once to the Redskins, and twice to the Cowboys. One of those should have been ours in order for the entire NFC East to have been represented. Unfortunately, those damn Cowboys took more than their fair share.

OK, so Superbowl titles are not exactly our forte, but we do have three NFL Championships that we earned before the Superbowl was inaugurated. These occurred in 1948, 1949 and 1960. Unfortunately, since I am only 40 years old, I am not old enough to remember these “glory days.” Then, in 1960, an expansion club (previously mentioned above) was started that sort of eclipsed us and we have been living in their shadow ever since.

This year is going to be different though. We opened last Sunday by obliterating the Rams 38-3. Granted, the Rams are only a Junior Varsity team but I was really impressed. Now, we’re on our way to Texas to take on the Cowboys and that T.O. dude that we can’t stand anymore. We Birds are ready to show “the Boys” what we have.

Awww hell, forget it - I can’t stand it! I hope my Cowboys beat the wings off those Eagles!!!!

I am a Cowboy fan and proud of it. Forget this “New Age, get in touch with your enemy” crap. I am a one team, and one team only man. The Cowboys are the only team I care about. Give me the Silver and Blue. Give me the stadium with the hole in the roof and the Ring of Honor that makes me so proud. Give me the Star that some teams fear, some hate, but all respect. Give me a “history of victory” and a destiny of future Lombardi Trophies down the road. Give me the Dallas Cowboys – America’s Team – My Team.

To fans of other teams out there, God bless you. Keep supporting your team. Feel free to comment, brag on your team or bash mine. Diversity is what makes everything so much fun. Stay loyal. But just remember this – some call it arrogance, we just call it confidence. We know we’re good. You support your team. I respect that and I respect you. But to paraphrase the book of Joshua from the Old Testament (Joshua 24:15), “Choose this day which team you cheer for, but as for me and my house, we will cheer for the Cowboys.”

Can I get an “AMEN” from the congregation?

NOTE: I would like to make a correction to this blog. One of my friends pointed out to me that the Eagles have actually been to the Superbowl twice - not just once. This is correct. In 2005, the Eagles faced the Pats and once again came away without the Lombardi. T.O., who was still an Eagle at that time, had an outstanding day after just having returned from a broken ankle, but even this wasn't enough for the Eagles to claim their much desired championship.

I can't believe I forgot about that one. I hate not getting my facts right even when I am just poking fun at another team.

You know what they say - the memory is the second thing to go. I can't remember what the first thing is or when it left, but once I do remember, I am sure I will blog about it somewhere...


Monday, September 8, 2008


The opening day of the NFL season was exciting for some fans and excruciating for others. For us Cowboy fans, we watched the Cowboys take some “hard knocks” in the dog pound with MBIII’s bruised ribs and Tony taking it on the chin, but overall our Boys looked superb (I won’t discuss the penalties here, but Wade, get on their “arse” about that…). Jets fans were, no doubt, excited to see Favre in that green and white uniform, and he didn’t disappoint. Poor Patriots fans who haven’t yet recovered from the greatest underachievement in history, have now had to face the fact that Tom Brady is out for the season and the fantasies of the Brady Bunch earning another Superbowl title has now been all but erased from the list of possibilities.

The thing I found most interesting about Sunday was that Michael Strahan, former defensive end of the Giants, predicted the Cowboys to win it all. Strahan said, “I have to be realistic and I have to be objective here, the Dallas Cowboys are the best team in the league.”

Most of Strahan’s former teammates stated that Strahan was just trying to motivate the Giants since they are considered a longshot to repeat as Superbowl Champions.

Do you think Strahan was trying to motivate his former teammates? I don’t. I think Strahan, who I admit was awesome at his position, decided to retire at the end of last season because he realized Santa Claus had given the Giants a present that was far and above what could be expected. Strahan realized that hoisting the Lombardi was a fluke that could not be repeated during his career and decided to “get out while the gettin was good.” You can’t motivate mediocrity. Strahan was just being a realist, and the reality is that the Cowboys, barring serious injuries, are the best there is.

Strahan is not trying to motivate the Giants. His new job as an analyst depends on him being knowledgeable of the game and accurate in his analysis of teams in the league. He didn’t say that the Cowboys were the best team in the league to motivate the Giants. He said it because the Cowboys are the best team in the league.

In the Old Testament, God often called prophets to prophesy against their own people and let them know that judgment is on the way. You may not agree with me, but I believe Strahan is a “prophet” who is simply acting on his calling to let the Giants know that judgment is coming – it’s coming from Texas, God’s Chosen Team is about to reclaim their place as Superbowl Champions.

The Lombardi is coming home to America’s Team. I assure you it is not going to stay in the “Meadowlands of Mediocrity.” God bless Michael Strahan for having the “prophetic courage” to speak the truth and God bless the Cowboys.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Highlights of America's Team Through the Years

Here's another video of Cowboy highlights that one of my friends sent me.

I hope you enjoy watching this as much as I did.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to LoneStarStruck

I just wanted to take a moment here on my blog to wish a happy birthday to the LoneStarStruck site which is two years old as of today.

If you read this blog but haven't been to the StarStruck site, you need to check it out. Kelly (the owner) and all the other staff are dedicated Cowboy fans and great people to be associated with.

Personally, I am very proud to be associated with this site as a contributing writer and I am always encouraged to go to the site and read what other Cowboy fans blog about and comment on regarding the team. Plus, Kelly and several of the StarStruck friends design some wonderful graphics you can use on your myspace page or to send as comments to others.

If you get the chance, stop by the site and tell Kelly and everyone how much you appreciate all they do for us Cowboy fans. I think they deserve some thanks and recognition for all they do.

So, Happy Birthday LoneStarStruck. May you have many more in the future.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Preseason Isn't About Winning...

Since the Cowboy loss in their first outing against the Chargers on Saturday night, I have received some notes from other fans wondering what happened. They were disappointed over the final score and are now concerned about the future for the Boys. Likewise, I have seen many other fans express their disappointment in comments on other websites and articles as well. And, of course, there are always the Cowboy haters who love gloating any time we lose.

Well, take heart Cowboy fans……………Here's my response to our first loss: The final score doesn't matter. You see, preseason isn't about winning. Sure, we always want to win every time we take the field, but in preseason, the final score really isn't the important thing.

What is the important thing? It's seeing who's going to fit into our team and where they're going to fit. Who's going to move up the roster and who will move down. Who will stay and who will go home. What areas need more work and what areas are we satisfied with. Sure, you always want to win, and I am not suggesting that we weren't trying. However, the point of any preseason game is to find out how your second and third team players are doing. You don't risk your first team players just for a win that is meaningless in the long term scheme of things.

Our first team looked good in my opinion. Romo, Witten, Barber, and the rest of the first team got a series, proved they were up to the task by marching down the field and scoring. Then we took them out to save them and keep them healthy for the regular season. Same thing with the first team defense: they proved that they are game ready. Things look pretty good for the starters and for the Cowboys overall.

Now, when our second and third team players were in there, we had both bright spots and some troubling areas, but this is what preseason is all about. It's about getting your team in order. Don't push the panic button just yet. The Boys are fine. Yes, we have some work to do, but overall, at this point, there is no reason to be anything but confident in the play of the Cowboys during the upcoming season.

So, if you're a new fan or you're just not sure what to make of preseason - don't lose heart. Just remember, it's not about the final score. It's not about winning – at least not now. It's about getting your team in order so you can win later – and hopefully, win the whole shebang.

Originally posted at *Lone*Star*Struck*

Monday, August 11, 2008

HBO's HARD KNOCKS: Be sure to check out the Dallas Cowboys in Training Camp

StarStruck Graphics

Just in case you don't know or haven't heard, you need to check out the Hard Knocks series on HBO. It's a documentary following the Dallas Cowboys through training camp in Oxnard, California. For all of us fans who can't get enough of our Cowboys, this is an exciting and fascinating show to watch.

Unfortunately, some of you may be like myself, and not get HBO. No problem. While the show is broadcast on HBO every Wednesday night at 10:00 p.m. (9 p.m. central), it is also re-broadcast on the HBO website on Fridays as well - for FREE. So be sure and check it out. Here's the link:

HARD KNOCKS: Training Camp with the Dallas Cowboys

I hope you enjoy it and keep checking back here on my blog. I haven't been writing much lately but the season is getting cranked up and so am I. There should be more blogs on here and posted at STAR STRUCK soon.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Video Tribute to Tom Landry

Here's a neat video tribute I found on my favorite coach:

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Terrell Owens: Born-Again Cowboy

Originally posted at Star*Struck

I have always had a hard time picking out a favorite player on the Cowboys. I tend to be a “team” concept kind of guy. It’s all about the team not the individual. Terrell Owens, however, is different. I have to admit that T.O. has definitely become one of my favorite players.

To be honest though, it hasn’t always been this way. Like many other fans, when I heard T.O. was coming to Dallas, I couldn’t help but imagine all the ways this would screw up our team. I knew about his problems in the “City of Brotherly Love” and I couldn’t forgive him for his dance of Red and Gold upon our beloved Star at midfield. For me, the celebration on the Star was a desecration of Holy Ground – the unpardonable sin in Cowboyland. “You can write this guy off – Don’t like him. Never will,” I said to myself.

Then……..we bring him to Dallas. What the…….??????

I was dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe that a man who once stood on that Star and mocked it would now be wearing it. As the Bible would say, we had “unequally yoked ourselves together with an unbeliever.”

Training camp of 2006 brought on some drama. I knew the distraction had come. I knew I had been right all along. It passed however, and I continued to wait – all season. Despite some obvious discontent between Owens and the Big Tuna, everything went fine. I even began warming to T.O. – not yet a fan, but secretly starting to hope I could be a fan (although I wouldn’t admit it to anyone).

In 2007, somewhere along the way, I admit I realized that I love T.O. (Hopefully, you won’t take that the wrong way. I refuse to defend the idea of one man loving another here in this blog. Ain’t nothin wrong with it.) It’s not about his stats, which if you compare them to previous years, you can make a pretty decent case that his best year was 2007. It’s about his attitude. T.O. has become a real Cowboy. If I had any doubts about this, they were all completely swept away after the playoff loss to the Giants. Many wanted to play the blame game. Not T.O. “We lost as a team,” he said. It wasn’t about T.O., Romo, Jessica, Mexico……..It was, is, and always will be about the team. With that interview, T.O. solidified me as his lifelong fan without any doubt.

Is T.O.’s new attitude for real? He just said recently that he wants to finish his career in Dallas. Many have questioned this. Not me. I’m a believer.

Personally, I think T.O. was once an unbeliever – holding no respect for the silver and blue or the star under which we play, but like anyone can, he changed. The man who once was never happy with the teams he played for has now found his calling. His calling is to be a Cowboy. He was once discontent due to being surrounded by mediocrity and a lack of dedication. In Dallas, he has found a place where excellence and tradition come together – a place where dreams are made – a place where Championships are written in the Stars.

Yes, T.O. was once an unbeliever. Now he is a “born-again” Cowboy. His sins of the past are behind him now. He plays for America’s Team. The team that has a hole in the stadium roof so God can look down and watch His Boys play football. This ain’t the same T.O. He’s a new man, on a new team, headed for a new Lombardi.

Let me say it once more………….I LOVE T.O.

Just admit it – you love him too.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Brad Johnson Comes Home and Gives Back

Cowboy quarterback Brad Johnson came home to the Asheville area this weekend to give back to a community that takes a lot of pride in calling him one of her favorite sons.

Brad attended Owen High School here in Black Mountain, NC from 1983-1987. He was an all-American quarterback for Owen and an all-state basketball player on a team that featured future UNC Tarheel standout and NBA center Brad Daugherty.

He came home to participate in the Brad Johnson/Verizon Wireless Celebrity Golf Classic and the Night of the Legends Auction. These events together are expected to raise as much as $400,000.00 for Eblen Charities – which exists to reach out to the many children, adults and families in Western North Carolina who are battling the effects of illnesses and disabilities.. At the auction, Johnson donated both a signed Cowboys helmet and one of his signed jerseys. He also spoke for the cause and visited with those in attendance, gladly posing for pictures and signing autographs.

Brad begins his 18th season in the NFL this year. He will turn 40 on September 13th and once that happens, he will enter some elite company. He will become only the 16th player in NFL history to play quarterback at age 40 or older.

While Brad is apparently going to finish his career as a backup QB for Tony Romo, we shouldn’t forget his past accomplishments: From 1996-2006 he was starting QB for the Vikings, Redskins, and the Buccaneers when he was healthy. During that 11 year span, Brad started 122 of 136 games and was a member of the Buccaneers Superbowl XXXVII Championship team in 2002.

Throughout his career Brad has been known as a man with a tremendous work ethic both in football and in various community causes. He’s another one of those Cowboy players who realizes that it’s not all about him and is willing to work for the betterment of others around him. By the way, that outstanding work ethic is probably why, at nearly age 40, he is still playing in the NFL while I, on the other hand, already at age 40, get winded just typing here at the keyboard.

I just wanted to take a minute and tip my hat to Brad. True heroes aren’t made just on the football field. We all love great plays and championships for sure, but it’s important to remember the need to give back to others when we ourselves have been blessed abundantly. So Brad, thanks for coming home and giving back.

It's kind of nice to see Cowboy players who spend their weekends doing something helpful rather than squeezing a trigger or punching a stripper.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Clint Longley: The Rise and Fall of the Mad Bomber

Clint Longley. Does the name ring a bell? It may not if you’re under the age of 30. Because if you’re under 30, you never saw Longley play for the Cowboys, although you may have heard about him. Clint’s career with the Cowboys was brief, but not without heroics, not without drama, and certainly earns him a place as one of the most fascinating players in Cowboy history.

Clint Longley came to the Cowboys in 1974 as a rookie quarterback from Abilene Christian College. Longley quickly earned a reputation for being unpredictable and was maddening for both receivers and defenders alike. Cowboy safety Cliff Harris said, “He looks one way and then throws sidearm in another direction. In practice, guys pull muscles trying to go where he throws the ball.” Longley earned the nickname “Mad Bomber” when one of his wayward passes smacked Coach Landry’s tower during training camp. Adding further to Longley’s mystique was the fact that his hobby was hunting rattlesnakes in his spare time.

By Thanksgiving Day of 1974, the Cowboys were struggling. Their record was 6-5 and they were facing the Division leading Redskins on this Turkey Day. The Boys were flat. It was one of those rare days when even Staubach didn’t seem to have anything. A Redskin win would guarantee them a Division Championship. The Skins had already made a boast that they would knock Staubach out of the game, leaving Dallas with only their rookie quarterback (Longley) – and in the Redskins mind, leaving the Cowboys no chance to win the game.

With 9:57 left to go in the third quarter, the Washington boast regarding Staubach proved prophetic, as he was knocked out of the game from a hit by Dave Robinson of the Redskins. With the Cowboys trailing the Skins by 16-3, Coach Landry quickly turned to Longley saying, “Clint, you’re in. Good luck.”

Ummmm. Redskins, meet the Rookie……

While many fans began to move toward the parking lot and the Redskins began to gloat in an apparent victory, the Mad Bomber took control and proceeded to bomb away. He completed 12 of 21 passes for 209 yards and two touchdowns. The game winning touchdown was a 50 yard strike to Drew Pearson with less than 30 seconds left. The Redskins had fallen 24-23 to “the Rookie” and a new hero had emerged in Big D.

Unfortunately for Longley, he faded into the background during the next season (1975), although he did start against the Jets in the final regular season game when Staubach was again injured. Longley came through again, leading the Cowboys to a 31-21 victory.

During training camp in 1976, the tension was palpable as the Cowboys signed Danny White and it appeared that Longley would be relegated to third string due to White’s WFL experience. After one practice session, Longley made a derogatory remark about Drew Pearson after Pearson dropped one of Longley’s passes. Staubach told Longley that he was getting tired of him talking about people behind their backs and stated, “Somebody is gonna knock those Bugs Bunny teeth of yours in.”

“Are you going to be the one?” Longley said.

Staubach replied, “Yeah, I’d love to do it.”

Staubach and Longley agreed to meet at a baseball diamond adjacent to the practice field. By the time assistant coach Dan Reeves arrived to break up the fight, Staubach had Longley pinned beneath him.

Shortly after this, at another practice session, Staubach had his head down and Longley came up and threw a punch. Staubach was knocked into a set of scales and received a cut that took several stitches to close. Longley quickly returned to his dorm room, retrieved his bags (which were already packed), caught a ride to the airport, and was gone. Needless to say, the Cowboy organization traded Longley almost before the doctor could finish stitching up Staubach.

Longley ended up with San Diego for the rest of the ’76 season but eventually drifted away from football and has been reclusive ever since. He doesn’t grant interviews and talks about his playing days with just a handful of former teammates. Many have speculated on why Longley punched Staubach, with the most popular answer being that he wanted to be traded (Remember that his bags were packed before the punch). We will probably never know unless Longley decides to break his silence and tell us in his own words. It’s been 32 years. I won’t hold my breath for an answer.

Still, it’s an intriguing story in Cowboy history. A relative unknown becomes an instant hero. Shortly thereafter, he becomes an instant villain by punching Captain America. In refusing to discuss the incident, he has become a 30 year enigma for those of us fascinated with Cowboy history.

Below you will find a link to an original article written by Leonard Shapiro of the Washington Post on the day after the Redskins defeat at the hands of the "rookie." I thought it was interesting to read the report from the Skins "hometown" paper.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Where Have I Been???????

Hey guys and gals,

Many of my MySpace friends have sent me messages asking where I have been and why I haven't been on here very much. Things have been busy around here lately. Here's a couple of things I have been doing:

1. Following Tony Romo around with a cam corder. I have been filming he and Jessica Simpson as they go on dates. Once I get enough footage, I am going to send it to Tom Brady in an envelope marked "RomoSpyCam" so Tom can learn some plays from a real ladies man.......

2. I have also been trying to put together a company with T.O. So far, the details are yet to be fully worked out. Here's the idea: A new brand of popcorn called T.O.'s Game Ready Popcorn. We would market it as a new flavor under the Orville Redskinbasher label. Honestly, I think it would sell......

3. Lastly, I have been working closely with Pacman Jones. We are trying to figure out a way to get his house arrest ankle bracelet off his leg so he and I can check out some of the local Dallas strip clubs now that he's in town........We will probably take some of the popcorn with us, but I have to remember to be careful when saying the word "pop" around Pacman. He sometimes takes things to the extreme.......

Seriously, things have been rather busy with me lately. I haven't been on MySpace much at all. I have checked my messages and comments but thus far, have not had the chance to reply to them all. I have also been slack in my writing for StarStruck. Hopefully, Kelly won't fire me and I can be back to writing some more blogs in the next few days.

So, for all you folks who have been wondering where I have been, I am still here. Don't delete me. I love all my Cowboy buddies. Keep in touch and I will try to reply as soon as I can.

Wishing everyone the best. Peace, love, and a 6th Lombardi for the Cowboys and all their fans is my wish for this year.

GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Dallas Cowboys Game Schedule for 2008

This graphic schedule was designed by my good friend Kelly at
Please visit my friends at Star*Struck and check out the site.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Charles Haley: Five Ring Champion

Originally written Monday, March 10, 2008
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After the Steelers had won their fourth Superbowl title in 1980, they came up with a slogan to describe their hopes for the following season. The slogan was, "One for the thumb in 81" meaning that many of the players had earned four Superbowl Rings in the past decade and were planning on getting a fifth one for the following season. Unfortunately for the Steelers, none of those players ever achieved the goal of a fifth ring as a player.

Thus far, the only man in NFL history to earn five Superbowl rings as a player is Charles Haley. Haley earned two of those rings with the San Francisco 49ers and then three more while playing for the Dallas Cowboys.

Haley played outside linebacker for the 49ers from 1986-1991 and helped them earn two championships in Superbowl XXIII (1988) and Superbowl XXIV (1989). After several well-publicized confrontations with his 49er teammates and the coaching staff, Haley was traded to Dallas during the 1992 off-season.

Although Haley gained a reputation as a disgruntled and malcontent player during his first years with San Francisco, he found a home in Dallas. From 1992-1996 Haley filled the position of defensive end for the Cowboys and was an integral part of their success and Superbowl Dynasty of the 90s. During this era, as you know, the Cowboys won Superbowls XXVII (1992), XXVIII (1993) and XXX (1995).

In 1996, Haley made the decision to retire after suffering a herniated disc five games into the season. In 1998, Haley came out of retirement to aid his old team, the 49ers in post-season play. The following year, 1999, he returned and played a full season with the 49ers before finally retiring for good.

Haley's accomplishments during his 12 year career are quite impressive. He had 100.5 sacks, 485 tackles with 13 assists, 26 forced fumbles, and 1 safety. He had 2 interceptions and 8 fumble recoveries, one of which he returned for a touchdown. Haley was named to 5 Pro Bowls (88, 90, 91, 94, and 95) and was named an NFL All-Pro in 1990 and 1994. In addition, he was inducted into the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame in 2006.

The late Bill Walsh called Haley "one of the greatest players of our era. At one point, he was considered the best pass rusher in all of football." Former Cowboys quarterback, Troy Aikman, said, "In my opinion, we would not have experienced the run of success we enjoyed here if it were not for Charles Haley's contributions."

Many people, myself included, believe Haley's personal accomplishments have earned him a spot in the NFL Hall of Fame, but unfortunately, he has not been able to make the list of 15 finalists in his first few years of eligibility. Hopefully, the NFL will rectify this situation in the near future. Until then, Charles, we Cowboy fans offer up our gratitude and recognize your contributions to America's Team. Thanks.

Note: This blog entry is part of a series called Galaxy of Stars: Cowboy Profiles from the Past and Present at


The Cowboys Record Against Other NFL Teams

Originally written Wednesday, March 5, 2008

posted at

Just in case you have ever wondered how the Cowboys have matched up against other NFL teams through the years, I have put together something you might be interested in.

Below you can see the Cowboys win/loss record against each team in the NFL since 1960. I snagged the info from the 2006 media guide and updated the records by adding the wins/losses from the 2007 season. The totals below are from the regular season and the playoffs. It does not include pre-season play.


Arizona Cardinals

Atlanta Falcons
Baltimore Ravens
Buffalo Bills
Carolina Panthers
Chicago Bears
Cincinnati Bengals
Cleveland Browns
Denver Broncos
Green Bay Packers
Houston Texans
Indianapolis Colts
Jacksonville Jaguars
Kansas City Chiefs
Miami Dolphins
Minnesota Vikings
New England Patriots
New Orleans Saints
New York Giants
New York Jets
Oakland Raiders
Philadelphia Eagles
Pittsburgh Steelers
St. Louis Rams
San Diego Chargers
San Francisco 49ers
Seattle Seahawks
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Tennessee Titans
Washington Redskins

Keep in mind that these records reflect games with Dallas when some of these teams were under other names and/or played in other cities than they do now. For example, the record against the Tennessee Titans also reflects games played against the Cowboys when the Titans were known as the Houston Oilers.

It is interesting to note that out of the 31 other teams in the NFL, the Cowboys have a winning record against 22 of those teams, they have a losing record against 5 teams (Ravens, Browns, Dolphins, Raiders and 49ers), and their record is at .500 with 4 teams (Broncos, Texans, Jaguars, and Rams). Just some stats I thought other Cowboy fans might find interesting.