Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to LoneStarStruck

I just wanted to take a moment here on my blog to wish a happy birthday to the LoneStarStruck site which is two years old as of today.

If you read this blog but haven't been to the StarStruck site, you need to check it out. Kelly (the owner) and all the other staff are dedicated Cowboy fans and great people to be associated with.

Personally, I am very proud to be associated with this site as a contributing writer and I am always encouraged to go to the site and read what other Cowboy fans blog about and comment on regarding the team. Plus, Kelly and several of the StarStruck friends design some wonderful graphics you can use on your myspace page or to send as comments to others.

If you get the chance, stop by the site and tell Kelly and everyone how much you appreciate all they do for us Cowboy fans. I think they deserve some thanks and recognition for all they do.

So, Happy Birthday LoneStarStruck. May you have many more in the future.

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